Miniature Baro-Inertial Attitude and Heading Reference System



  • Roll, pitch, magnetic heading
  • Pressure altitude, vertical speed
  • Angular rates, specific force

Sensor redundancy

Customizable software

Size 40x40x25 mm


  • CAN
  • RS232

IMU performance

  • 0.1 deg/sqrt(h) random walk
  • 3 deg/h bias instability
  • 0.04 m/s/sqrt(h) random walk
  • 20 ug bias instability
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Electrical and environmental

Supply voltage: 5 to 28 V
Сurrent consumption: 0.1 A
Operating temperature: -40 to +80 °C
Environmental protection: IP67 (provided that static pressure tube is properly connected)

Detailed description


The Baro-Inertial Attitude and Heading Reference System (BAHRS) incorporates an IMU, a barometer, a magnetometer, and a powerful microcontroller. The device performs sophisticated Kalman filtering to estimate accurate attitude, heading, vertical speed, and pressure altitude. Triple sensor redundancy enables the device to detect and isolate faulty signals. A primary sensor and back-up sensors are sourced from different vendors.

Customizable software

We aim to offer our customers the highest level of convenience. If you need to tailor our device for your application, we will be glad to grant you rights to modify the software and to use our development tools.

Software licensing options include:
  1. basic software license
  2. full software license
  3. free software license

Basic software license

Algorithms are delivered as a black box and must not be modified. The rest of the software, including communication interfaces, sensor drivers, and task scheduling can be modified by you. Derived work must be deployed on EULER-NAV hardware only.

Full software license

The whole software, including sensor fusion algorithms, is supplied to you as a white box. You are allowed to modify any part of the software. Derived work must be deployed on EULER-NAV hardware only.

Free software

You like our hardware and want to prototype algorithms quickly? Then you may use our free open source software! It will save you a plenty of hours.

Contact us to learn more.

License comparison

Free open source software

  • Sensor drivers
  • RS232 output
  • Synchronization pulse handler
  • Evaluation scripts
Open-Source Software
Link to Github
Basic license

  • Sensor drivers
  • RS232 output
  • Synchronization pulse handler
  • CAN output
  • NVM driver
  • Configurability
  • Precompiled algorithms and math utilities
  • Detailed software documentation
  • Design decisions
  • Evaluation scripts
  • Algorithm replay tool
  • Unit tests and documentation
  • Test automation tools
  • 60 hours of training and problem solving
  • Software updates for 2 years
  • Discount for professional services
Full license

  • All the features of the Basic license
  • Sensor fusion library source code
  • Algorithm documentation
  • Unit tests
  • Algorithm simulation tools
  • Test automation tools
  • System and software requirements
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