Miniature GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation System


EULER-NAV Miniature Aided INS Light is the same hardware as the EULER-NAV Baro-Inertial AHRS. The device can receive GNSS position and velocity information from up to 3 external GNSS receivers and fuse it with IMU mesurements to provide continuous and reliable position, velocity, and attitude information.


  • Position, velocity, attitude
  • Angular rates, specific force
  • Pressure altitude
  • Magnetic heading

Sensor redundancy

Customizable software

Size 40x40x25 mm


  • CAN
  • RS232

IMU performance

  • 0.1 deg/sqrt(h) random walk
  • 3 deg/h bias instability
  • 0.04 m/s/sqrt(h) random walk
  • 20 ug bias instability
Going Live

Electrical and environmental

Supply voltage: 5 to 28 V
Сurrent consumption: 0.1 A
Operating temperature: -40 to +80 °C
Environmental protection: IP67 (provided that static pressure tube is properly connected)

External GNSS data input via CAN

EULER-NAV AINS Light receives GNSS data in the form of the following CANaerospace frames at maximum 10Hz. "Redundancy channel" value equals to 0, 1, and 2 for the first, the second, and the third external GNSS receivers, respectively.
Frame ID ­ Data ­ Units Data type­
1036 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ GPS aircraft latitude­ deg DOUBLEL/DOUBLEH
1037 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ GPS aircraft longitude deg DOUBLEL/DOUBLEH
1038 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ GPS aircraft height above ellipsoid­ m FLOAT ­
1046 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ GPS vertical figure of merit­ m FLOAT
1047 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ GPS horizontal figure of merit­ m FLOAT
1048 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ GPS mode of operation­ - SHORT
1130 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ True east velocity­ m/s FLOAT
1131 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ True north velocity­ m/s FLOAT
1132 + 65536 * (Redundancy channel)­ True up velocity­ m/s FLOAT

Reference GNSS setup

The reference multi-receiver test setup used for development is built of 3 u-blox M9N receivers and a STM32F4 discovery board.
Reference set of three GNSS receivers with CAN output
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